Thank you, Mr. Rum – The Classic Daiquiri

Mixologists need mise en place too!

Mixologists need mise en place too!

Oh Mr. Rum, how kind you are to we poor mortal souls. You bring zest to the unzesty. Spice to the unspicey. And a little island spirit to all who adore you. Thank you, Mr. Rum.

And for all of you adherents to the gospel of rum, surely you know that his best creation is not a frozen syrupy nightmare poured out of mile high pitchers. The daiquiri, as the purists will tell you, need not be a frat boy’s spring break dream. In truth, the daiquiri in it’s classic form is a perfect blend of sweet and sour. Moreover, it’s ever flexible, and can be infused with all manner of flavors. But, for today’s cocktail, we’ll be going with a summer classic (especially since a goodbye to summer is coming soon!) — the raspberry.

But before we get to the recipe– a brief aside. The classic daiquiri is about as simple a recipe as they come. Simple syrup, lime juice (traditionally, though lemon will do), and light rum. The extra flavoring is up to you. Have some fresh fruit around? Throw it into the shaker. Perhaps you have a nice shrub or other infusion? That’ll work. Your only limit (and yes, I’m about to throw out a massive cliche!) is your imagination (bam. cliche. deal with it.)

Back to the recipe! Mr. Rum demands it! Here it goes:

– 1.5 oz light rum
– 3/4 oz rich simple syrup
– juice of one lime
– 3-4 raspberries (or other fruit as you desire)

Combine ingredients in a shaker. Fill with ice. Shake vigorously for long enough to break up the fruit (which can also be muddled beforehand if needed.) Serve in a coupe glass with matching garnish.

There you have it! Classic (and delicious) daiquiri. Mr. Rum would be proud.

Raspberry Daiquiri


Oh, and in case you’re wondering. Yes. Your daiquiri will taste better if you use rum that has a pirate ship on the bottle…


Yo ho ho.




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