Sunday Night Cocktail – The Jack Rose

Apple Jack + home-made grenadine = a great Sunday night.

Apple Jack + home-made grenadine = a great Sunday night.

Every good sunday night needs a good cocktail to go with it. For tonight’s cocktail, we have the Jack Rose– a  classic, albeit under appreciated, cocktail of old. If you don’t have a bottle of applejack in your bar, go get one. You won’t be disappointed. Applejack is a truly American spirit, originally distilled from concentrated cider and not dissimilar from Calvados or other types of Apple brandy. It has a unique taste, and absolutely deserves the word “apple” in its name. These days, Laird’s has a near monopoly on the spirit, but it remains relatively cheap, and always delicious.

For the Jack Rose, you’ll also need grenadine. Although you can purchase grenadine at most liquor stores, I highly recommend making some yourself. It’s an easy (and fun!) process, and you can use grenadine in all sorts of cocktails. Plus, you won’t end up with a bunch of highly processed, syrupy grenadine out of a cheap plastic bottle. Jeffrey Morgenthaler has an great grenadine recipe on his blog that uses nothing more than POM Wonderful pomegranate juice, sugar, pomegranate molasses, and orange blossom water (though I substituted rose blossom water instead.)

OK, enough rambling, let’s get to the recipe. You will find all manor of proportions out there, so tweak the below however you see fit. I like it a bit boozier, so prefer to put in a greater proportion of applejack, but you can easily up the lemon juice or grenadine.

– 2 oz applejack (or apple brandy)
– 0.5 oz lemon juice (or lime if you prefer)
– 0.5 oz grenadine

Combine ingredients in a shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously. Strain. Serve in a coupe glass with a lemon twist, or other garnish.

There you have it! Another delicious cocktail to add to your mixology arsenal. Enjoy!

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